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1. Herat province is world famous for its rich culture and its ancient places. Herat has passed many civilizations in its five thousand years history, and it has documents in each period of time, the existences of many ancient places prove this claim.

Then the photos of Heart city, Minarets, Castle, the great mosque, Khaja Abdullah e Ansar, Malan Bridge and other historical places including Jihad’s Visage will be presented with music.

2. Although there are lots of historical and entertainment places around Herat, but there is just one special and visual historical place which is called Jihad’s Visage and it really values to visit.

In the northern mountain of Herat, beside Baghe Mellat entertainment complex, the blue tiles of Jihad’s Visage attract everyone and there comes a question to every one’s mind, what this historical place is? And what is inside it? When we enter inside it we understand all of its realities.

3. Jihad’s Visage or national museum of Afghanistan peoples’ Jihad is one of the most observable places in Herat, a place where the bravery of this land’s people is shown in best artistic style, created by the best artists.

By seeing the real picture of Soviet Union’s aggression to Afghanistan, everyone can remember this event, and will transfer it to the new generation as document to prove the real Jihad of Afghanistan’s people.

4. We don’t want to speak so much about the braveness and courage of Islamic revolutions’ Mujahideen in this magazine, the reality is that the Islamic revolution of Afghanistan doesn’t belong to one person, group, area, language, race, nation or one sect, almost all the people of Afghanistan joined this jihad just for Allah’s willing, but here we want to watch the movies which is based on arts and everything is shown in its artistic way, that the viewers can recognize the reality by their own understanding.

5. This structure is founded by special attention of Ameer Mohammad Ismail Khan and under the supervision of Alhaj Sayyed Abdul Wahab Qattali on 5/May/2002 AD to reflect a part of contemporary history of this country, and it will be shown as an experience for the future generation of Afghanistan.

 6. Afghanistan people’s Jihad visage is built in 14000m2 area. This structure is divided into two parts, internal and external, the outward     is designed with blue traditional tiles and alabaster stones, first we start from its rounded building which is build in 500m2 its outward is designed with Heratian traditional colored tiles in frames and each frame is consist of an heroic poem written on the tiles.

If we consider the tiles which are installed on the walls of visage, we clearly observe that the best artists, designers, painters, poets, calligraphers and tile makers worked hard to create such and art and it will remain for future as the best signs. Fortunately this whole structure is built successfully by Heratian artists.

A group of alabaster stones are placed whiten each frame of tiles and the name, father’s name, place, date of birth, date of martyrdom and place of martyrdom of most Islamic revolution martyrs of Afghanistan is written then hacked into two colors black and red which shines on the white stones.

7. As you observe Jihad’s visage is located in the northern mountains of Herat, it is deep about 30 meter from north to south, so for watering the green field outside visage the ground is flatted and stairways are made, but it is divided into different levels, first we start from the upper level; one of the most valuable things in this level is the water pool. The water comes from the well with pipes and then it goes to streams to water the plants and flowers.

In the second level of Jihad’s visage there are the heavy military weapons which are left form aggression of Soviet Union’s, they are consist in Jet MIG 21 aircraft, gigantic armor tanks, and chain tanks made by Soviet Union. Each one of them was the most modern weapon on that time.In the third level of Jihad’s Visage smaller weapons are placed like bluffs, cannons, portal engine, and other small weapon which are made by Soviet Union.

Lots of irreproachable Afghans were killed, thousands of afghan children became orphan and thousands of women became widow by each of these weapons, these all prove that the war between Soviet Union and empty hand Afghans was not candid.In the fourth level the most attractive places are the green parks, designed trees and different kinds of flowers. At the both sides of this area there are two big helicopters these are the models of the hundred helicopters which were used for killing of Afghans during war.

 In the fifth level of Jihads Visage there is a big pool for watering the plants and flower, first the water goes up by pump to the cistern then it comes back to water the plants and flower and also there is an empty place for future plans.

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Alhajsaeed Abdul WahabQattali son of AlhajSaeedHamedQattali was born in 1338 AH in Keberzan village of Angel distract in Herat



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